My 1965 Fisher console stereo. The Ambassador vII

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Hi all, I wanted to share my 1965 Fisher console stereo. Model The Ambassador VII. This machine is in like new condition, wood I'd Fruitwood, sounds amazing. Original price for this Ultra High End stereo was 1249.00 and another 300 for a Dual 1009 turntable in it. Unit has 18 tubes and 9 Transistors. Has hook ups for wS ( wide surround) speakers, also you can hook up to 4 more in addition to is as well. I bought this from a local guy for 20.00??? Was in the same house same family since new, it belonged to his parents who bought it new in 1965, and was very well maintained and taken care of, used regularly. He said up until his fathers death he used the radian all the time listening to the Redsox games:) I have always wanted a fisher console stereo and to find this one at that price I got lucky. I hope you enjoy.