Volvo VN 780 w/ I-Shift Part 1: Man vs Machine

1969-12-31 | uploaded TodaysTrucking1 | 72722 views

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All Ultimate Test Drive videos are shot using GoPro cameras. Have some fun and make your own test drive videos or home movies from the road. Amazon Link: GoPro Hero ($169) Amazon Link: GoPro Hero4 Silver ($491) After watching Part One, make sure to watch part two as Jim Park puts Volvo's recently released XE13 drivetrain through its paces on the rolling highways around Raleigh, N.C. It's man versus machine in part one of this two-part test drive of a Volvo VN780. Driver turned journalist, Jim Park, pits his shifting skills against those of the Volvo I-SHIFT automatic transmission. Who will prove to be more efficient at shifting gears over a quarter mile run up a slight hill? Jim Park, with more than three decades behind the wheel, or the engineers that programmed the I-SHIFT with optimal shifting as their only goal.

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