Rare RCA Model #6-HF-1 Monophonic Orthophonic Hi-Fi Console

2013-10-03 | uploaded | 5547 views

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Here's a new acquisition for me. It's somewhat rare only because a whole lot weren't made because of it's high price....$1600 in 1956! For that you could have bought a new car. Only the most affluent people could have afforded one. This console features an AM-FM tuner w/tuning eye, 3-speed changer w/2 interchangeable heads, a monophonic R2R 2-track tape recorder & external speaker cabinet w/15" woofer, a midrange & 2 tweeters. Even though this is monophonic only, these are sought after for the quality that went into making these units. They're absolutely stunning to look at and have nothing short of a spectacular sound once restored (again, albeit mono only).Larry Hills has restored one of these and it can be seen in a lengthy thread on the antique radio forum site (Google RCA 6-HF-1). This player is exactly as I received it - totally stock & unrestored/unmolested. I'll spend the next few months methodically going through the entire unit & will show the player restored & working at a later date so stay tuned for the completion. To my knowledge, nobody has done a video of one of these things up & operating yet. (I mistakenly said 4-track player - it is not! It's a 2-track monaural player!) I hope you've enjoyed seeing another wonderful piece of 50's history! This is one magnificent unit that SHOULD sound & work heavenly by the time it's through being restored! Thanx for looking!