Bilaya Japte - Rakesh Yankaran

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Rakesh Yankaran is a chutney musician from Trinidad.He was born on December 3rd. He is most famous for his hit Mousie. He is the son of musician Isaac Yankaran and brother of chutney musician Anand Yankaran. He is a self-taught musician and, unlike many chutney artists, can read Hindi. As a child young Rakesh loved to listen to his father sing Chutney. As a teen he started to play chutney himself. Today he is a professional Chutney artist. He can play the Indian instruments called the Dholak, Harmunium, the Dhantal, and the Tassa drum. He is famous for his songs Mousie, Dheere Dheere, Dulahin Chale Sasurai and Naroro Ray. He is a Chutney legend just like his brother Anand Yankaran. One of his older songs that wasn't given much airplay (if you can interpret the language used in the song, you'll understand why ;) ). Really nice song! ENJOY! :)