Fender Stratocaster H-H. Reverse P-Rails & Triple Shot Rings - Camagroc

2012-05-28 | uploaded | 7242 views

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Fender Stratocaster. 2002 American Standard sunburst 2 pieces body. 1982 Fender American Vintage '60s Reissue one piece maple neck with 21 frets Kluson Deluxe original tuners Two Seymour Duncan P-Rail pickups with the Triple Shot Rings. P-Rails are put upside down in order to get a better position and tone for the Rail single coils. That almost doesn't change the sound of the P90s. (Can see a previous video of the same guitar with the P-Rails pickups in the "right" position to compare) HH black pickguard (not original Fender) Fender Telecaster 3way switch 1 volume pot (CTS) 1 tone pot with orange drop capacitor. Pushpull to change from phase to out of phase. 1 miniswtich in the second tone position to change from parallel to series. Combinations: Each P-Rail with its two Triple Shot Rings 2way microswitches has 4 possible sounds by themselves. (Humbucker Series, Humbucker Parallel, Rail single coil and P90 single coil.) Then we have 8 possibilities with only the bridge or the neck pickups by themselves. In the middle position of the 3way tele selector, both P-Rails together gives 16 more combinations! (Hs-Hs, Hs-Hp, Hs-rail, Hs-P90, Hp-Hs, Hp-Hp, Hp-rail, Hp-P90, rail-Hs, rail-Hp, rail-rail, rail-P90, P90-Hs, P90-Hp, P90-rail P90-P90) All this 16 combination of the middle position can be put in series, out of phase, or in series & out of phase. Then in the middle position we haven't 16 but 64 diferent sounds!! Then, this guitar has 72 posible sound combinations!! Awsome!! I think I get the most versatyle guitar with only two P-Rails! Salut!